Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bullying is a problem at the office, too!

'Bullying is a problem at the office, too!'

Bullying deprives.  Bullying demeans.  Bullying diminishes.  Bullying destroys.
...even in the workplace!

Are you being pressured at work to do , think, say, act a certain way?

Are you receiving threatening internal, network (inter/intradepartmental) emails?

Are you the focus of jokes, pranks and ridicule in your department?

Are you always or often  dispraportionately chosen to work late, reschedule vacations?
Are you being 'harassed' on the job?

Quite often, people with disabilities are treated unfairly in the business environment.

Are co-workers pushing you, taunting you, and isolating you?

Is your boss hollering at you about WHATEVER?

Is your employer treating you negatively, in private and in front of co-workers? 

Is your company denying you certain benefits, projects, schedules, promotions because of your disAbility?

Know your rights on the job.

Is management improperly managing you becuae they do not want to consider your disAbilties?

Is supervision needed in regards to your Accommodations on the job as an Employee with a disAbility?

Understand that help is available.

'Don't be silent on bullying.'

Often, 'bullying' is associated with youth, school, sports and the playground.

Know that bullying can occur in the workplace, too.
When bullying raises it's demeaning presence at your job, SPEAK UP!
Being bullied at the office can impact your emotional, mental, health and income.

EnjoyHi5Autism believes:
Bullying deprives.
Bullying demeans.
Bullying diminishes.
Bullying destroys.

There are many companies, employers, colleagues, agencies and organizations that support the employment of people with disAbilities.

Get help!

Don't accept being bullied.

You are not alone.

Confide in your spouse, family, close friend, pastor, doctor or counselor. 
Tell the proper authorities at your office.
Share with a co-worker who respects you.

 "Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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October is National Bullying Prevention, Intervention and Awareness Month.

Speak Out Against Bullying asked:

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October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

'Hire but don't bully Workers with disabilities.'

October is National Sensory Awareness Month.

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