Monday, April 8, 2013

AUTISM Awareness Month apps & iDevices and accessories

Special Apps, Special Kids: HANDY iOS Cases for Kids With or w/o Special Needs...Finding a case to protect iDevices is no easy task...I won't say how many cases we have experimented with, but suffice it to say,  have made the cut. One of the biggest obstacles has been finding cases with handles or straps to make carrying around these precious devices easier and safer. Here are some options we have found particularly HAND-y (Couldn't resist the pun...).

Some sites with Autism Awareness Month Giveaways:

1. Special Apps, Special Kids
2. The Appy Ladies
3. Technology in Education

4. The iMums

5. Smart Apps For Kids

6. A Byte of This -N- That

7. AppAble

I'm sure I've missed some great ones- feel free to chime in with any other giveaways for Autism Awareness Month ***Make sure to check out this growing list of Autism Awareness Month apps & related news here ***

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