Monday, October 17, 2011

Have you considered Customized Employment?

I just wanted to offer these as a resource to folks since the webinar will be the week after next:

Webinar: Why is Customized Employment Important for Transition Age Youth?
Webinar: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 3:00 - 3:45 PM EST

This webinar will help transition personnel learn about customized employment strategies and how they can be used in the transition planning process. Students with disabilities who have limited work experience and skills can benefit from bypassing the traditional labor market approach to employment. Through Discovery and informational interviews students have opportunities in a variety of settings to demonstrate and uncover their skills and interests and develop measurable post secondary employment goals. Customized Employment capitalizes on the creativity and resources of the transition team and the community to facilitate a good match between the student's skills and support needs and the employer's needs and work environment. 

"Have you considered 'Customized Employment'?"
Many Employers rely on Customized Employment for job development  and restructuring strategies for their workers with disAbilities.  
Many Employees with disAbilities prefer  the benefits of Customized Employment, such as,  job carving and entrepreneurial initiatives that are tailored to their individualized skill level, interests.
If you are a JobSeeker or an Employer who is experiencing a disability, consider 'Customized Employment' to assist with your maximizing your strengths, focusing on your needs, positively contributing to the workforce, become gainfully employed and/or maintain your competitive employment status.
Here are a few tools to assist you with deciding if 'Customized Employment' for workers with disAbilities is right for you as a JobSeeker, Employer or Employee.

 What is Customized Employment?

Customized employment means individualizing the employment relationship between employees and employers in ways "that meet the needs of both. It is based on an individualized determination of the strengths, needs, and interests of the person with a disability, and is also designed to meet the specific needs of the employer. It may include employment developed through job carving, self-employment or entrepreneurial initiatives, or other job development or restructuring strategies that result in job responsibilities being customized and individually negotiated to fit the needs of individuals with a disability". (Federal Register 2002)


Getting started - do team members believe everyone can work?

Can the team accept a variety of employment outcomes for an individual - working 10 hours a week, 20 hours a week, part time business within a business, part time self employment?

Self Determination is a key component in Customized Employment. Can all team members support participant and family’s job goals even when they may disagree?

Customized Employment Strategies, Michael Callahan - free 45 minute webcast from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

From Segregated to Customized, free 45 minute webcast from VCU

Customized Self Employment from VCU

Fact Sheet on Customized Employment by T-TAP

Office of Disability Employment Policy, Why Customized Employment

Office of Disability Employment Policy, What is CE?

Part I and Part II Portfolio of Customized Employment

CE and Transition: 10 Steps for Vocational Success, Cary Griffin

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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