Monday, October 10, 2011

'Learn the truth.'

'Learn the truth.'

'EnjoyHi5Autism' supports 'Think Beyond the Label'(TBtL) as an 'expert tools and reliable resource'  for  an effective method to convey the positive results of hiring People with disAbilities (PwD).
October is 'National Disability Employment Awareness Month '(NDEAM) by the Office of Disability Employment and Policy for the U.S. Department of Labor.
If you are a Jobseeker with a disAbility, and Employer, or a Supporter of People with disAbilities, you can 'Learn the truth.'

Employers - 'Think Beyond The Label' can show you how to 'Evolve your workforce.'   Do you want to know 'how will that new hire impact your business?'  Learn when you 'Launch the Hire Gauge'.  Did you know that "92% of Americans view companies who hire people with disabilities more favorably?"  'Learn the truth' about why and how 'diversity makes businessess better".  Question: Businessses & Employers,  "How can you innovate your workforce?"  Answer: DIVERSIFY.  'Learn the truth.'  Get your 'Tools for Success' from 'Think Beyond the Label.'

JobSeekers & Employees with disAbilities - TBtL provides a resource you can share with prospective Employers and companies you want to work for.  You are valueABLE!  Hiring you can yield a 'Return on Investment' (ROI). too.    You may have your own employment experiences to share.  If not, 'Think Beyond the Label' has 'Success Stories' you can share to encourage Employers/Businessess that hiring people with disAbilities can work.  Go ahead and apply for that job opening or next position. Get hired. Work well and 'dispel the many 'myths about hiring people with disablities'.

Supporters of People with Disabilities - 'Get Labeled'.  Show your support by using the TBtL Twibbon on social networks Facebook and Twitter.  The 'new great wave of  workers' include the "2.2 million college-students (who) have disabilities".  Ask your Employer and businesses in your community are they ready, do they 'Think Beyond the Label'?  Now that you  know,  'Spread the Word'. Share with others how they can 'Learn the truth.' about hiring people with disAbilities.

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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