Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaming Up! - LSU, ADD & UCEDD

'Teaming Up! - LSU, ADD & UCEDD'
Fall sports season is in full effect!  Many athletic enthusiasts have maintained their allegiances-- others have switched teams.  Whether you are new or a veteran to sports, kept or chose a different team, the desire is the same WINNING!

In the disability population, many Advocates, agencies, administrations and organizations have joined resources to do just that--WIN! 

They seek to advance the quality of life, the services and the issues concerning people with disabilities.  They desire to promote the Self-Determination, Inclusion, Integration, Productivity, and Independence of  individuals living with various types of disabilities.

In the arena of disabilities, there are categories such as Intellectual and Developmental, known as I&DD when referred to jointly.  During National Disability Employment Month, many entities are providing events and information that will assist JobSeekers to become gainfully employed.  Likewise, Employers will learn about incentives and the benefits of hiring workers with disabilities.

Below are several such entities that are Teaming Up! to produce positive outcomes for You, your Adult Child, your friend, your neighbor, your church-member, your Coach, your Professor, and other individuals with disabilities.

Teaming Up! can yield proven results.  A solid education can lead to gainful employment.   These entities are training supporters of people with developmental disabilities to be a WINNER in the life they choose to live.

Sharon Lewis, Commissioner of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities discusses  the importance of creating access to post-secondary education for youth with intellectual disabilities.
Post-Secondary Education is continuing education after a Student graduates from high school and/or earns a G.E.D. (Graduate Education Diploma).
Post-Secondary Education institutions include colleges, universities and vocational schools.

Sharon Lewis

This video of ADD Commissioner Lewis is provided by the  LSU HSC Human Development Center.

HDC's Projects On-Line Workgroups

Topics include:  in Universal Design in the postsecondary setting, which assist instructors in creating a learning environment that reduces barriers and increases learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities.    

View videos of the previous sessions.

focus on effective practices and key issues related to programming for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities.

The LSU HSC HDC is affiliated with the AUCD - UCEDD.

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities are national networks of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities.

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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