Thursday, March 8, 2012

Louisiana - **Autism Votes ** - Autism Speaks endorses HB.771 Raising Age Cap to 21 on Autism Insurance Benefits

Autism Speaks Endorses Louisiana HB. 771 sponsored by State Representative Franklin Foil. 
HB. 771 seeks to raise the age cap from 17 to 21, as well as, eliminate the cap on Lifetime Benefits for Autism Insurance Benefits.
HB. 771 was introduced in House; referred to House Insurance Committee.

Autism Votes encourages you to contact your Louisiana State Legislators to support House Bill 771  Insurance Reform Expansion.
Follow the link below for more details, as well as, a formated email to send directly to your Louisiana State Representative based on your zip code.

Learn more about the Autism Spectrum .

With your advocacy, Louisiana Legislators might pass HB. 771 just in time for the 5th Annual Worldwide Celebration of Light It Up Blue.

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Here are a few examples of how Legislators, Autism Advocacy Groups, and Citizens collaborated across the country to support legislation
that benefits families living on the Autism Spectrum.

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