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Military homepage - **Autism Votes **

Autism Votes "It's Time For Legislators to Listen."
Text "AVOTES" to 30644

Why are some Military members redeploying into combat zones? There are many reasons why, including in order to continue Autism benefits for their children!   Watch the videos EnjoyHi5Autism  has posted in this blog. They share military families, organizations and others who support the need for vital benefits for miitary families who are in dire need of Autism services and resources.
'EnjoyHi5Autism' supports HR.2288 'The Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act'.
'Autism Votes' encourages advocacy that will "ensure the military's TRICARE program provide autims-related benefits for children of military families regardless of whether service members are on active duty or retired".
Contact your Congressional Legislators to support HR.2288.
Autism Votes has direct email links for you to urge your federal legislators to support our military families. Learn more at Military homepage - **Autism Votes **
Watch the NBC video interview of military spouse Rachel Kenyon, whose husband has served multiple deployments to Afghanistan.  Also, Autism Speaks Peter Bell., Executive Vice President of Programs and Services advocates about the necessity of passing HR.2288 Legislation that will support over 12, 000 children in military families who are living on the Autism Spectrum.

Here is a video of Lou a Dad whose daughter is on the Autism Spectrum.  Lou thanks Rachel Kenyon and provides her website whiche urges support of HR.2288

Additionally, view other  NBC videos about HR.2288: U.S. Marine Corps spouse Karen Driscoll as she advocates during the  US Congressional Briefing on January 21, 2012 hosted by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in support of HR.2288, a sponsored by Connecticut Representative John Larson and sponsored by New Jercy Assemblyman Dan Benson.

See more videos from families, actors, organizations and other supporters of HR.2288 The Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act.

Autism Votes - "It's Time For Legislators To Listen."
Text "AVOTES" to 30644

Autism Votes "It's Time For Legislators to Listen." 
Text "AVOTES" to 30644
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