Monday, March 12, 2012

Legislative Bulletin March 2012 - Louisiana Department of Education

Parents, Educators, High-Schoolers, School Partners, Legislators, Academic Policymakers, PTA, Education organizations, College Students and Certified Teachers seeking to teach in Louisiana School System and other Education Stakeholders should review the first 2012 Louisiana Department of Education - Legislative Bulletin , an official Publication of the Louisiana Office of Governmental Affairs. 

In the May 9, 2012 issue:  (here's a sample, click the link above for more details, contacts and dates)
1.  Hot Topics -  2012 Legislative Session: Pre-K through 12 Education Front and Center
2.  Bills Impacting Education  - Accountability - District/School/Student Performance; Funding, BESE, Students-General, Students Scholarships Program
3.  The Week Ahead - House Ways and Means Committee; and House Education Committee

The Legislative Bulletin has an online archives. 
The State Superintendent of Education is John White.
The President of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) is Penny Dastugue.
The Office of Governmental Affairs Director is John Salter.

Stay informed.
Take Action.
Share your views on education issues with your Governor, Louisiana State Legislators and BESE Board Members and education-related organizations.
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"Enjoyable School Year"  :-)

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