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I am the 'I' in IEP

"I am the 'I' in IEP."

The IEP season is rapidly approaching. We always review related terms, map out our requests, research education and disability periodicals, review expert opinions, inquire with families with age-school kids, and reREAD all of the IEPs our son has received--- since he was 3. He is now 6 years old. Yippie!
@educationweek (via @OnSpecEd ; posted a new study on Parents and the IEP process. The 'Journal of Disability Policy Studies' published this education study entitled, 'A National Picture of Parent and Youth Participation in IEP and Transition Planning Meetings'. This study reveals that Parents and Students with disabilities aren't as involved in the IEP process as they should be. According to this study, the degree of IEP participation depends on the Parents and Student with a disability. Noted factors were: type of disability, family income, racial background and ethnicity.

The Journal of Disability Policy Studies published this vital study online before print January 18, 2012, doi:10.1177/1044207311425384 . SAGE Publications provides the Abstract and a full text (pdf) version. Click this link to compare your IEP Process views and experiences with this study:
@educationweek - .

In light of this Education Week article, let's get an early start on reviewing, mapping, researching, inquiring and reReading the Individualized Education Program(IEP) purpose, policies, principles, guide,process and participants.

Parents, Family Representatives, Caregivers, Custodians, Education Advocates, Teachers, Principals, IEP Facilitators, Therapists, and anyone else who is involved in the Individualized Education Program SHOULD WORK AS A TEAM TO PROVIDE THE BEST OUTCOME FOR EACH STUDENT WITH A DISABILITY.
In America, all children are to receive an education because this is the law.  No Child is to be Left Behind because of any type of disability: learning, mental, physical, developmental, visual, auditory, etc...
Know your RIGHTS and your child's rights.

We view the IEP as a foundation for our son's education.
Education impacts every aspects of a person's life-- from childhood through adulthood.
An educated child often matures into a productive adult.

Parents, we must be involved, informed and trained in order to best represent our child during the IEP Process.  Make the time to learn the laws governing schools that educate children with disabilities and special needs.  Get help.  Invite an education advocate or family or friend to help you through the process.  Our children are depending on us---every school day, including during the IEP Meetings. 

Be encouraged.  Stay hopeful.  Be informed.  Advocate.

Thank you to the SRI International researchers: Dr. Mary Wagner, Dr. Lynn Newman, Dr. Renee Cameto, Dr. Harold Javitz, Dathryn Valdes, as well as, The Journal of Disability Policy Studies(A Journal of the Hammill Institute); and Sage Journals online publications and Education Week for sharing this relevant research.

Please share with other Parents, Students with disabilities, Educators, Legislators, Elementary and Secondary Education Administrators, Policymakers, Education Governance, Academic Activists and other key stakeholders.

Listed below are 'Related Articles' and 'References & Resources' with helpful information about IEPs, Special Education and disability rights.  Many of the articles, blogs and features are written by or about Parents just like you and me.

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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