Friday, May 27, 2011

'White House Disability Call' - Follow-up

'White House Disability Call' Follow-up

Yesterday, many of us joined federal agency heads on the phone to receive updates and pose questions about transportation, education and civil rights, labor/compliance for people with disabilities:(see post)
'Enjoying The Hi-5's of Autism - A Family Experience': White House Disability Call

“The Department of Education enforces Section 504 with respect to public and private colleges and universities that receive federal financial assistance from the Depart of Education. Under title III(Americans with Disabilities Act), individuals with disabilities, including students with visual impairments, may not be discriminated against in the full and equal enjoyment of all of the goods and services of private colleges and universities;…” U.S. Department of Justice-Civil Rights Division [statement posted on the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education]

Reference links for WHD Call Q & A information:

Dial in for Listeners: (800) 230-1085

Press Release: Office of Civil Rights: 'Guidance on Technology & Rights of Students with Disabilities' - US Dept. of Education

Department of Education Issues Guidance on Rights of Students With Disabilities when Educational Ins

Electronic Book Readers & Accessibility for Students (with Blind or Low Vision)- Letter to College & University Presidents

Joint - Dear Colleague Letter: Electronic Book Readers

Joint Department of Justice and Department of Education "Dear /College or University President Letter on Electronic Book Readers & Accessibility for Students with Blind or Low Vision

Joint-Dear Colleague Letter: Electronic Book Readers - Send your Questions, Comments to US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan

National Center on AIM

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