Saturday, May 28, 2011

Road Safety and Awareness

Transportation, Pedestrian. Safety and Awareness --- all key concepts for People with disABILITIES, families with Special Needs and Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

A drawback of our 5 year olds AUTISMtraits is WANDERING! For nonverbal people or some with limited communication and developing social skills, walking down the street can be just as dangerous as encountering an unsecured, ravenous pitbull dog. See - AUTISM Wandering And Elopement Initiative
Green means GO, Yellow..., Red... can be complicated concepts for someone on the Autism Spectrum. We had to train our son to understand the 'literal' methods of street saftey.

Maneuvering unsafe sidewalks can be quite challenging for pedestrians with foreground, depth-percerption issues.

Adjusting, Adapting to various environments is still challenging for our son. But, because he enjoys the outdoors,he faces these obstacles head on (excuse the pundt).

Fortunately, our son has received support and related services since the age of 3. His Occupational Therapist and Adaptive Physical Therapy sessions helped train our son to understand the function and relationship of his body in the pedestrian-motor competitive world.

This summer, let's be more mindful of how dangerous the roads, sidewalks, streets and boardwalks can be for people like our son.

Secretary of Transportation RAY laHood has launched his annual 'Click It or Ticket It' Campaign, as well as, 'The Dangers of Distracted Driving'. Both PSA's, LaHood Statements, downloadable safety tools and awareness videos are presented on, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube 'On The Go'.

Likewise, Transportation for America has released 'Dangerous By Design'. Delivered to Washington DC, Congresswoman Barbara Boxer is a huge legislative supporter. Learn about walking, riding and road stats for your state. Review state-by-state accident and fatality figures for pedestians. T4A is also on major social networking sites and ac be followed by RSS(Real Simple Syndication).

Have a afe and ENJOYable Memorial Day weekend. Honor our Military personnel---past and present.

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