Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Enjoy Reading in Elegance!'

'Enjoy Reading in Elegance!'

We are sharing excerpts of our TravelGuide Review by EnjoyHi5Autism – The Cosse’ Family. Our review, for the Milton H. Latter Memorial Library, is entitled,
'Reading in Elegance!'

'Reading in Elegance' is how I felt as a little girl walking up the steps to this huge library. Our Parents encouraged us to enjoy reading. Reading at Milton H. Latter Memorial Library was a regular part of our family schedule.

I was fortunate to attend a birthday celebration.. I took some time to play on the steps, as I had done as a little girl growing up in Uptown New Orleans.

Thinking about bringing our son to enjoy reading at the Milton H. Latter Library. He will be 6 on July 6th ... There is so much for him to see..., experience..., enjoy! A library ---that is in a house...
Although my son is diagnosed with Autism, he enjoys reading. To aide in his acclimation, we will show him photos of Milton H. Latter Memorial Library, let him listen to sounds of the St. Charles Streetcar passing by and a few other transition techniques. Nope! not another hospital visit this time, sweetie..., we are going to the library! We will make sure we take a lot of pictures ... A wonderful world of Reading in Elegance!
Just joined Milton H. Latter Memorial Library on Facebook!

Here is an excerpt of what we shared about Milton H. Latter Memorial Library on our family blog, entitled, 'Enjoying The Hi5s of Autism-A Family Experience'. 'Summer Reading' is the abridged title of this post.
"Are you concerned about your child loosing interest in reading during the summer break?

I grew up about 3 blocks from a library that was housed in a mansion on St. Charles Ave. Reading at Milton H. Latter Memorial Library ... The grounds take up an entire city block! When we moved, ... I wanted to instill this same love of reading in my son that my Parents had bestowed upon me."
[excerpt from 'Summer Reading!:
Home -]

[You see, it wasn't the hugeness of the mansion---for there are many beautiful, historically- significant mansions up and down St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans' The Garden District. But, this one is a huge house for books!}

*The Milton H. Latter Memorial Library mansion has survived The Great Depression, The Civil Rights Movement, Hurricanes Camille, Betsy and Katrina! This huge home for books is still open for you to 'Enjoy Reading in Elegance!'

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