Monday, August 1, 2011

What is PBS...Is your School District Implementing This Strategy?

"What is PBS...Is your School District Implementing This Strategy?

{Back-to-School series}

Question - What forms of Discipline do the Schools in your Community use to modify, resolve inappropriate and unacceptable Student behavior?

Is your School District's  Discipline Strategies:
  1.  Diverse
  2. Comprehended by Personnel & Staff, Teachers & Students (school-wide)
  3. Student-Centered
  4. Individualized
  5. Effective
  6. Involve Students Views
  7. Parent-Supported
  8. Community Involvement
One of the foremost advances in school-wide discipline is the emphasis on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments.

Positive behavior support is an application of a behaviorally-based systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments that improve the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs.

Attention is focused on creating and sustaining primary (school-wide), secondary (classroom), and tertiary (individual) systems of support that improve lifestyle results (personal, health, social, family, work, recreation) for all children and youth by making targeted behaviors less effective, efficient, and relevant, and desired behavior more functional.

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"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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