Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preparing for the Expected and UnExpected

Preparing  for the Expected and the UnExpected

What role can social media play in disaster?  Tune into @FacebookDC on 8/24 for  discussion w/ @RedCross @fema 

FEMA and RedCross have regional offices throughout the U.S.  Know your region/chapter and its corresponding phone numbers, Faceboom, Twitter and what services/resources that emergency  and disaster agency offers.

Preparedness Tips-

Download the shelter location app today so you can use it during (an evacuation) via The American Red Cross
View the Red Cross shelter map for each national Chapter at

Red Cross has Chapter blogs, a Disaster Online Newsroom and a Flickr Group(real-time photos), and a Facebook site. Go to theses links: ; ; and ;

Find FEMA and Red Cross videos on YouTube:

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