Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

As we remember those who served in our military across the world, let's not be somber in spirit. But, rather, let's celebrate their service. Let's thank them for protecting freedom, liberty across the world.

We like to visit the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana. Events include: ‘Saving History,Preserving Your Family Story'; a performance by the New Orleans Navy Band; The Victory of the Bells; and the Ringing of the Normandy Victory Bell. 504-528-1944

Also, go online to find out ’10 ways to honor those who have fallen in the service of their country’.

What about a virtual trip. As you view America's National Parks, think about the price our military has paid so we can live in a beautiful country.

Share a thank you tweet on Twitter at #MemorialDay , #HonorTheFallen , #NeverForget .
Additionally, you may express you appreciation at .

You might want to consider a "Family Day Out USA" location.

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Likewise, if you are enjoying a movie this Memorial Day weekend, check for Sensory-Friendly Movies at AMC Entertainment Theaters.

Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend by honoring those who served in our military.
Thank a Veteran and military personnel who are still serving around the world.

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