Sunday, September 11, 2011

"The Wise of Understanding:  a thought on 9/11/11"
Don't ask the broken thing,
don't ask the malfunction thing;
don't ask the oppressed people,
don't ask the depressed people,
don't ask the down-trodden one,
don't ask the heart-broken one;
don't ask the tearful child,
don't ask the sullen child;
don't ask the widow/widower;
don't ask a city in mourning,
don't ask a devastated country;
don't ask the impotent masses,
don't ask the confounded masses;
a nation in shock...
DON'T ASK THE intergalactical UNIVERSE!
How to fix itself.
How to rise up.
How to be joyful.
How to recover.
How to rejoice.
How to laugh.
How to rebuild.
How to understand.
How to overcome.

Because things don't make themselves.
Because people didn't create themselves.
Think beyond existentialism, Darwinism, scientific theories of evolotuion, procreation.
A car doesn't repair itself.
A newborn can't feed itself.
Counseling doesn't always work.
Surgery doesn't always heal.
War doesn't always mend.
Restitution isn't always the the resolution.

In general, so true.
on the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on American cities,
the United States has risen above the ashes.
Look back a decade ago.
Then, look around the cities of New York, and Shanksville;
the Pentagon is still fulfilling its purpose.

It did not work!
It made us stronger!
We have united in support.
We have restored.
We have searched within ourselves for a greater meaning of existence.
We have asked the greater one to uphold us.
We have implored the wise to instruct us.

We have learned a better understanding of life.
The people, not the politics...
The families, not the disenfranchisements...
The courage, not the fear.
The purpose-filled existence, not senseless annihilation.
The unity, not the division.
The triumph, not the discouragement.
The love, not the hate.
God Bless America.

References & Resources
The plot of land known for a decade as "the pile," ''the pit" and "ground zero" opened to the public Monday for the first time since that terrible morning in 2001, transformed into a memorial consisting of two serene reflecting pools ringed by the chiseled-in-bronze names of the nearly 3,000 souls lost.
Teaching 9/11: Few Standards, Many Curricula Lead To Classroom Improvisation '       
Through our America Healing initiative, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation is working to promote racial equity to assure that all children grow up in a tolerant and inclusive society, where fairness, civility and respect are lived values, and differences are celebrated. The 10th Anniversary of the September 11th tragedy presents an opportunity to do just that. It is a time to speak with a collective voice toward our need to come together as a nation to heal the racial, ethnic, cultural and religious divisions that hold our country back. In remembrance of 9/11, join our America Healing partners and all Americans from communities across the country in writing a letter of hope and healing to your daughter, son, or other special young person in your life. Just click on the "Submit Your Letter" tab below to share your letter with the nation during this important time of reconciliation and healing.

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