Thursday, September 1, 2011

Geaux football!!!

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

what's your favorite way to ENJOY the football season on game day?
Do you enjoy the NFL, NCAA, BCS, SEC, ACC, Southern Conference,  High School, community league, street football or FANTASY? 

  • FOOD: What do you eat on gameday? BBQ, cook a big dinner, seafood boil, picnic, early fishing, restaurant/sports bar, pizza, sushi, tailgating or arena food, etc...  

  • VIEWING DEVICE:  How do you watch football on gameday?  HDtv,cable, satellite, internet TV, smartphone, radio/short-wave, social networks, YouTube highlights, etc...

  • VIEWING AUDIENCE: Who do you like to watch football games with on gameday?  family, friends, college buddies, sports club, sports team, office pool, neighborhood pub, total strangers but fans of same team

  • POST-GAME on Game Day: What do you like to do after the Game? (whether your team wins or loses)? sleep, sulk; review the stats; watch playback highlights; brag, eat; party;


ABC SPORTS  Highlights

Pre-Game interviews
pre-season analysis/commentary
Q & A
Count Down to Kick-Off!

GAME DAY play by play

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Happy Value! Day New Orleans Saints!

UPickEm! - Pro Football © Fox 40 WICZ TV

Saturday Down South - SEC Football BlogSaturday Down South - College Football's 5 Most Interesting Games - Week One(8/2011)   

COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS FINALLY HERE! Makes for a very good day doesn't it, Papa John's Fans?

Are you ready to dominate your fantasy football league?

ESPN Fantasy experts Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz provide daily fantasy football player previews, game overviews, injury reports, and strategy.

College Football

College Football

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