Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sue Norris ... in her own words

'Sue Norris ... in her own words'
a 'uniquely different' poet sharing on Facebook
From Walton, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sue's Activities and Interests include Person-Centered Planning

Sue Norris if all cildren be shown respect it helps them to grow up more mature

"I have high-function autism."

Sue Norris is an individual who believes 'never let defeat define who you are'.

By Sue Norris · Wednesday, June 29, 2011
he was a sweet one sat opersite me
nort say a word
just looked into me eyes
it said no i had enough
no more water can i go
i sat
everyone shouted
i put my hands up my ears
no more noise
now no more kairanh
godim going miss him
he had a lovely laugh
when i fdid a dance
i got no set table no chair
yes i knew when he was going
i smelt it
i wasnt well myself that night
when i fgot back
somthing going on
but who cares hes dead
i did
no coucelling for us just bloody staFF

Enjoy more of Sue Norris and her 'uniquely different' poems, visit her Facebook wall and notes.  Be sure to 'like' and share with Sue.

Thanks Sue!

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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