Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ask Congress to Help Special Olympics and Best Buddies

Specials Olympics and Best Buddies need you to the U.S. CONTACT Congress.

Why? - We need Representatives to support H.R. 2152 and Senators to support S. 1086 bills.

What? - Both bills are called 'Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act'. Both bills reauthorize the Special Olympics Sport and Empowerment Act of 2004.

HOW? - Bipartisan Congressional Votes will approve funding for Special Olympics and Best Buddies mentoring programs for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

WHERE? - In the U.S. and abroad like during the Summer World Games in Athens, Greece; and the Healthy Athletes basic health screenings and services, as well as, UnitySports, Project Unify; and institutions of higher education(establish EKS Institutes for Sport and Social Impact) and school inclusion and community activities.

WHEN? - H.R. 2186 and S.1086 (Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act) covers funding for FY2012 - FY2016

WHO? - You should CONTACT Congress, and ask your family members, Voters, Constituents, anyone who likes Special Olympics, anyone who supports Best Buddies, anyone who enjoys sports to CONTACT Representatives and Senators.

~Who else can CALL Congress: doctors, teachers, advocates, pastors, coaches, mentors, athletes, sports enthusiasts, community leaders,...EVERYONE!

CONGRESSIONAL Switchboard 1-888-245-0215

For details of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Act (Bills: H.R. 2152 and S.1086), refer to:
H.R.2152 at
S.1086 at

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