Monday, May 21, 2012

Cameras in Special Needs Classrooms

WHY AM I DOING THIS? Its for the safety of the children who cant go home and tell there parents how there day was. Its for the teachers who are accused of assault and never happen. It would be good for both students and teachers. Say a child was hitting himself and bruising himself then blaming teacher. Or what if a child was hit, grabbed and screamed at for crying by an aide. But the child could not go home and say what happen. U have to have a lot of patience working in this field. More and more im hearing stories on how bad stuff is happening inside these rooms. Sad but true. Invasion of privacy??? So it should be private when a teacher aid hits a child?? or when child hits teacher?? no- this should happen for the safety of both teacher and little to non verbal children. President Obama and all other leaders all over the world, WE NEED CAMERAS IN SPECIAL NEEDS ROOMS FOR SAFETY.

May 15
Camera's in Special needs classroom can help out a lot. They would only be there if something happens. Say a Aide had to restrain child because child was out of control. And the child was hitting himself and them blaming aide. The video would be there that the aid was not harming the child. What if a child who never walked all of a sudden started walking across classroom, that parent would be proud to see that video. Or if a child was being verbal abuse, that would be on video. So many positives on why this should be done. The reason I have not said all classrooms is because the larger classroom are made up of 20-25 student who talk well. That would be 20-25 great witnesses if something were to occur. But in a special needs room there are 8-12 children with 1-2 teachers and 4-6 aides. Most children in these classroom have difficulty in communication. Please help, lets try to make this happen for the special needs children. ♥
Camera's in Special Needs Classrooms



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