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Celebrity Apprentice Final Projects: disability and AIDS/HIV charities

The Celebrity Apprentice  UPDATE! 5/21/2012
And The Apprentice: The Celebrity Apprentice Season 5 Winner is

Season 5 Highlights
And the Winner Is...
Trump chooses his Season 5 Celebrity Apprentice.Watch »

Season 5 Highlights
Arsenio's Presentation
Team Arsenio aims for comedy in their final presentation.Watch »

Arsenio's Journey
Arsenio survived his meltdown over Aubrey to reach the Final Two. Follow his journey online.View »

Check out Arsenio’s Celebrity Apprentice journey!
Follow Arsenio's journey to the finales. 8 hours ago/5-20-2012

ORIGINAL POST - 5/20/2012
Which charity will win?  The National Inclusion Project or the Magic Johnson Foundation -- Which Celebrity Apprentice does Donald Trump choose to give $250,000 dollars to their charity?  Clay Aiken or Arsenio Hall!  Watch tonight May 20, 2012 at 9:00pm/est on NBC. See video clips and charity info. below!

The Apprentice - And Then There Were Two - Video -

The National Inclusion Project



Inclusion means all participate and all belong. We work every day to make the inclusion of children with disabilities a reality. read more read more

The Magic Johnson Foundation is an advocate for community-based organizations, educational empowerment through HIV/AIDS education/testing/awareness work, college preparation and digital literacy.
The Magic Johnson Foundation, founded by Earvin “Magic” Johnson in 1991
November 7, 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Earvin "Magic" Johnson's announcement and the begining of the Foundation's year-long 20th anniversary celebration. To learn more about MJF's 20 years of philanthropy visit

"disAbilityVOICE - Disability Rights Advocate"

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."



Enjoying The Hi5s of Autism - A Family Experience


Season 5 Highlights
Clay's Presentation
Clay's team puts on a musical revue for his final task.Watch »

Clay's Journey
Clay proved he was more than just a pretty voice. Follow his journey online.View »

What was Clay’s best moment this season?
From Idol to Celebrity Apprentice finalist. 6 hours ago/5-20-2012

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