Friday, July 8, 2011

ReConnect Autism - An Irish Perspective

'ReConnect Autism - An Irish Perspective'
The aim of ReConnect Autism Consultancy and Training is to provide innovative treatment, support and training to enhance the quality of life of Irish people with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and their families. Visit

Why we should cease demanding eye contact from children with Autism. Why not develop circumstances where the child wants to look at us. Eye contact is not a social skill, but an instinct we use when comfortable with our partners to gain perspectives and share experiences. Prompting eye contact from a child does not mean that they are paying attention to you, it may in fact have the complete opposite effect.

  • Thanks ReConnect Autism for sharing interesting info. about our 'uniquely different' perspective. Enjoy connecting with the global Autism community to share how the Spectrum is perceived and addressed worldwide. http://enjoyhi5autism.blogspot​.com/ ; and http://familyenjoyinghi5autism​    July 8 about an hour ago

    EnjoyHi5!Autism said...
    Thank you Kathy for RDI info. Three years ago, Our Child Development Specialist/Pediatrician has recommended RDI for our 6 year old son. We have not had much success with our insurance company covering this service. Also, there are few RDI Consultants in our region. July 8, 2011 5:04 AM

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