Monday, April 25, 2011

Autism Now with MacNeil on PBS NewsHour


PBS NewsHour is still sharing its Autism Now series via online and on-air.
Tonight:  Autism Now: Health Policy Challenges

Watch, Listen or get the Transcript of Autism Now: Aiding Adults with Autism

AUTISM NOW -- April 22, 2011

Autism Now: How Should We Address a Deepening 'National Health Emergency'? 

"Joining us are Dr. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which directs federal funding for autism research; Catherine Lord, professor of psychology, pediatrics and psychiatry at the University of Michigan; Ilene Lainer, a lawyer and executive director of the New York Center for Autism, a private advocacy group; Jon Shestack, a Hollywood producer and the co-founder of a former advocacy group, Cure Autism Now. Both Ms. Lainer and Mr. Shestack are parents of children with autism, and as we said at the beginning of this series, I am the grandfather of a child with autism." PBS NewsHour Autism Now special series moderated by Robert MacNeil



The NewsHour is running a special series of reports, both on-air and online, about a puzzling disorder that touches many lives across the U.S.: autism. You can watch part 6 now, only online. Watch the full series:
Part 1: Nick's Story
Part 2: Numbers on the Rise
Part 3: What Are the Causes?
Part 4: Challenges in Schools
Part 5: Helping Adults With Autism
Part 6: Health Policy Questions
Series Viewer's Guide
Replay Live Chat

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