Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AI10 Prediction-James Durbin to Win!


AI10 Prediction-James Durbin to WIN!

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Here is what 'EnjoyHi5Autism' shared:

"Hopefully,James Durbin will win!  James Durbin=AI10 VOTES + Concert Tickets sales! James is a crowd-pleaser while staying true to his musical craft.  J.D. is the complete music industry Artist package! 

James knows his rocker style and unashamedly defends it and welcomes you to embrace his musical artistry. Every week, James Durbin confidently sings any genre (rock, heavy metal, Motown, love ballad, old school decade, group,…) James sings well and maintains his composure while playing his guitar.  J.D. is the consummate professional and works well with fellow AI contestants in songs and commercials.   

James Durbin is comfortable performing with world-renown artists like Stevie Wonder and Zakk Wylde!  J.D. boldly accepts offers to collaborate with musical greats such as legendary Aerosmith & American Idol Judge Steven Tyler, and Muse!  Thus, James outsines other AI contestants and is not eclipsed by music industry giants! 

J.D. pleasantly presents his rocker style in song selections, outstanding performances and wardrobe/hairstyle/makeup.  James Durbin is ‘uniquely different’. J.D. knows ‘The Show Must Go On’ as he wisely performs beyond his Autism/Asperger/Tourettes conditions.   
Each week, we are treated to a complimentary concert of JAMES DURBIN!"

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  1. Vote for James Durbin! Tonight's voting info. is a little different so focus on these numbers for J.D.: Call 1-866-436-5710; text the word VOTE to 5704; and vote online for James at


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