Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's all the buzz about 'P-CP'?

"What's all the buzz about 'P-CP'?"  
'PCP' is one of the latest Empowerment 'buzz' term proliferating in meetings, conferences and numerous periodicals. Is it simply the new millennial Empowerment fad?  Is 'P-CP' just a tangient concept to give the perception of individuality?

We are hearing about it in the education arena, especially for Students in Transition with or without Learning Disabilities. 

Companies have used a form of  'Person-Centered Planning' in Customer Service and are tailoring it to their Customer Care and other business models.  Employers who are evolving their workforce, rely on Person-Centered Planning with  Integration and Accommodations.

Physicians,Therapists, Psychologists, Rehabilitators and Counselors have always considered 'PCP' in the care and treatment of their Patients, in particular, for those with Mental Health, Geriatric and life-long conditions.

Governments, Boards and Commissions are establishing Task Forces; are mandating this Social Care; and are funding 'Person-Centered Planning'.  Additionally, Legislators and Policymakers are calling for swift promulgation with protracted monitoring of 'P-CP' implementation.

Agencies and organizations working with people who have Developmental and Intellectual  Disabilities have a history of incorporating Person-Centered Planning techniques.

Self-Advocates and  Stakeholders are lauding the benefits of Person-Centered Planning. 

So, what exactly is 'Person-Centered Planning'?

How effective is 'Person-Centered Planning'?

How is 'Person-Centered Planning' established as an Evidence-Based Practice?

Is 'Person-Centered Planning'  ushering in world-wide Public Service Reform?

Is 'Person-Centered Planning' the Self-Direction I need?

How do I Advocate for 'Person-Centered Planning' for Myself?

If you are focusing on any aspect of the Independence, Self-Determination, Inclusion, Productivity and Integration of people, resources, supports or services, Person-Centered Planning may be the perspective, tool and model approach for you.

The Person-Centered Planning Education Site
What is person-centered planning? We're glad you asked! Person-centered planning is a process-oriented approach to empowering people with disability labels.

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    In January 2008, a circular went out to local authorities from the Department Health (DH). This set out information to support the transformation of social care, as outlined in the Health White Paper, 'Our Health, Our Care, Our Say: A new direction for community services' in 2006. It describes the vision for development of a personalised approach to the delivery of adult social care. 'Putting People First’, published by the DH in December 2007. This document is the concordat with the Local Government Association (LGA), the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS), the NHS and others. Information about our services and programmes of work ... and legislation · The transformation of adult social care;and advice - London Borough of Islington; Self directed support and ...

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    'a global perspective of the disability world' - lifestyle, social networking, community, perspectives, relationships, interests, rights, careers, population, issues, groups, legislation, advocacy, resources, supports, services

    Nominate a New Product
    We are always looking for new "products." If you know about any publications, web sites, organizations, programs or other person-centered resources for people with developmental disabilities, feel free to use one of our nomination forms to submit it to Quality Mall Staff for review:

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