Friday, May 2, 2014

MIKEY book - A day at school through the eyes of a child with Autism

Watch this video and then get the book Mikey!  Sensory Processing Skills, Social Skills and Peer Interaction is described.

 Mikey explains how a young child with autism sees, hears, and feels the world around him in his school environment. Mikey is not just intended for educators; although, all teachers should read it to their classes. It is intended to educate adults as well as young children to increase their awareness and understanding of the child with autism. This book, and others to follow, was inspired by my vast experiences as a teacher working with children with autism.

MIKEY is written by Mindee Pinto and Judy Cohen is available online at Amazon and Barnes/Noble.

Autism Book « Good Day Sacramento

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Autism Awareness Month may be coming to a close,however autism exists 24/7. Please continue to support children and adults on the autism spectrum. Continue to educate children and adults in our schools, to increase their understanding, and ...acceptance. Mikey's authors will continue to travel and spread the word about the book Mikey, a book about a day at school seen through the eyes of a child with autism.
Mikey, is available online at Amazon and Barnes/Noble. Get a copy for yourself and a friend.
Autism Book
Cody Stark talks with the authors of "Mickey," the new book about children with Autism.

"Life on the Autism Spectrum can be ENJOYable."

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