Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Toy That Saved Christmas: VeggieTales Christmas Spectacular!

A holiday animation classics DVD featuring the Veggies at a theater filming their "first ever" broadcast.  Entertainment includes Junior Asparagus in the Holy Land singing "While By My Sheep" and Archibald Asparagus singing "Ring, Little Bell" (with help from Larry the Cucumber).while Bob the Tomato, Pa Grape, and others search for the feature film that the Veggies had planned on showing. More Cast of Characters include: Jimmie and Jerry Gourd , Grandpa George, granddaughter Annie, Wally P. Nezzar (Mr. Nezzar, Scallion #1, Mr. Lunt, Buzz Saw Louie, Laura Carrot, Lenny Carrot, Dad Carrot; and debuts of Mom Carrot, Baby Lou, DadPwa, Percy Pea and Li'l Pea. Songs include: can't Believe Its Christmas, and Klingon Glockchen!  (Wikipedia)

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Watch '1996 The Toy That Saved Christmas'
1996 The Toy That Saved Christmas:

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